About Us

Calling all cyclists, runners, swimmers, endurance athletes, and sports enthusiasts in the UAE! REFUEL is officially here to help you kick things into high gear and recharge yourself with everything you need to keep going!

Created with the cycling community in mind, Refuel.ae is your one-stop online shop for all the sports nutrition and accessories you’ve been looking for. No longer will you have to visit endless shops and spend hours browsing other sites. We’ve got the widest range of the best products for you to grow your passion for sports.

Whether you’re in the market for bars, energy gels and energy drinks, whey protein shakes, fitness trackers and electronics, gear, recovery supplements, or snacks,  we have a curated selection of everything you could possibly want, all at a great value. And with a delivery time of 3 hours and under in Dubai and next-day delivery in the UAE, you won’t have to wait long to get the items that keep you going!

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